Press Release Writing

Will Strauss has recently swapped his journalism hat for a (temporary) more corporate one, writing press releases for various technology and facilities companies working in TV.

Press Release Writing

Press Release Writing

In all cases, the client provided the bare bones of the story and Will found the angle, asked some questions and wrote it up. Once approved the release was then distributed – by a third party – to appropriate publications.

Most got picked up. Some were published as is, some were re-written into house style and some were used as a starting point for further research. In all cases, the tone was considered appropriate for the audience.

Topics covered this month include iPad apps, radio programmes, high-end digital film cameras, broadcast tape/disc archive and transfer, radio jingles, storage technology and more.

I won’t embarrass the companies involved by naming them but – suffice to say – if you work in television or radio you’ll have heard of them.

At the same time, Will has also done some corporate writing work for a couple of companies in the construction market and completed articles about DIY.

In the New Year, Will’s booked-in projects include corporate articles about video editing, asset finance, superstar radio DJs and TV drama production. Doubtless there’ll be some more leftfield stuff too like roofing in Leeds or dishwasher spares to add to the mix too.


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