Editing – some background

Although these days he is usually found with pen in hand (figuratively speaking), Will Strauss has spent a good proportion of his career editing and commissioning other writers.

His first job in publishing was as an assistant editor where he learnt how to manage magazine budgets, flat-plans, production cycles and forward features schedules as well as cut and shape copy to make it appropriate for its designated audience.

Of course, proof reading and fact checking were an essential part of this process along with the ability to abide by libel law.

From there he honed his editing and organizational skills at Emap where he ran a technology supplement (called B+) that saw him commission, manage and edit copy from 5 to 15 contributors per month, balance a fixed financial budget and work hand-in-hand with the design team to come up with the most visually appealing publications possible.

From there he ran the technology desk, managing less contributors but dealing with more regular news and features copy and increased layout and design responsibilities. At that time he also looked after various one-off supplements, reports, awards brochures and surveys. It was a busy old time. And way before “the cutbacks.”

By the time he left Emap Will had also spent three years editing websites. This required a similar but somewhat more complex set of skills that include everything from web layout and picture manipulation to SEO and traffic building strategies.

Currently, Will provides occasional copy editing services for Emap’s commercial team and edits various websites for corporate entities.

One day he hopes to once again edit a physical print magazine, although this does seem hugely unlikely in today’s current financial and online-focused climate.

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