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Will Strauss is currently designing and building a website for the Leeds-based ‘Hindi Indie’ band Maggie8. The site is still work-in-progress but you can see where he is with it by going here: Maggie8.

The design has been put together to reflect the mix-and-match nature of the band’s sound, which fuses Western sensibilities with Eastern harmonies. You could describe them as a Bhangra Belle and Sebastian. Others might call them a Hindi Housemartins. Either way, there is a certain ‘patched together’ feel to the way different influences have come together to make-up the band’s unique sound.Maggie8 website

With that in mind, the concept is simple: it is a deliberately ‘cobbled together’ site. Built from brown paper and old cardboard, it is stuck together with masking tape and gaffer tape and elements are held up by drawing pins. It’s not so much grungy as ‘homemade.’ I think it works well.

As you’ll see, the site focuses on the main elements that the band want to emphasize: their upcoming live shows, their latest releases and news and their most recent videos. It also acts as a hub for all their social media feeds and links to (and from) any blogging or other online activities they undertake.

I’m still deciding on how to incorporate a ‘call to action’ though, as it’s all quite subtle at the moment. This may have to be looked at in more detail when I get some feedback from the band.

In web terms, the five-page site is built in html and css with some javascript thrown in for good measure. The complicated bits (like the pretty video player) and the basic structure were borrowed from a free white label template. But the concept, the look and feel, the skin and all the design work is original.

Along with some handcoding and html, Photoshop was used for the majority of the imaging work.

Once the build is done I will do some basic SEO, ensuring metadata meets best practice, submitting sitemaps to Google and doing a bit of inbound link building.

As the site does not have a CMS, I will also offer to update the site on behalf of the band.

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