Absolute Music website

Absolute Music Management website

WordPress site built by Will Strauss

Will Strauss has built a new website for Absolute Music Management (AMM), a music management company based near Sligo in the West of Ireland.

Designed to showcase both the company’s services and the talents of its main client, the Irish singer songwriter Hugh O’Neill, the site features streamed music, video clips, exclusive photography latest news and contact details. Will was also responsible for the new company log, for some of the on-page copy and for populating the site.

AMM asked for a clean and professional look and a structure that was intuitive and easy to navigate. To achieve this Will stuck to a simple colour scheme of black, white and dark red and followed an established pattern for the homepage that includes everything being available in one place. Soundcloud plug-ins provide the audio tracks while Youtube embeds are there for video clips. Although it is not responsive, the site has been designed with the iPad in mind and *should* provide a decent tablet experience.

Devised and built in just under a week, the AMM site has a WordPress back-end to enable AMM to quickly and easily update any element.

The new AMM logo uses a target motif to reflect the company’s single minded approach to music management and its efforts to carefully and accurately promote its clients.

To see the full site go to www.absolutemusicmanagement.com . Or, if you want more details, please email Will Strauss.

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