Alien Campaign

XDCam Aliens Attack Manhattan

XDCam Aliens Attack Manhattan

Will Strauss recently put together a marketing campaign for the broadcast equipment hire company HotCam.

Devised to promote the use of the Sony F800 and encourage the move from tape-based production to tapeless workflows, the main aesthetic was based around the idea that some producers consider file-based technology to be somewhat alien. With this as a starting point – and keen to create a campaign that was both eye-catching and humorous – Will then used 1950s Sci-Fi B-movies as his inspiration to create a composite design using Photoshop that shows tapeless technology invading earth, specifically London and New York, the two cities in which HotCam has offices.

You can see examples below.

With the major design element completed, Will then re-purposed it for animated leader-board banners and general print adverts. Again, please see below.

With the ads in place, an online landing page was required to give interested parties further information and prompt them to contact HotCam. With HotCam’s own site unsuitable for the job, Will designed and built a simple six-page WordPress microsite at Again, the Alien attack motif was used heavily alongside images of aliens holdings camcorders to reinforce the message. On-page copy was written very specifically to tease people into learning more about the subject and to explore the site.

Calls-to-Action were included, although not in a very in-your-face way as it was important to maintain some semblance of impartiality as the site had been set up as a general file-based production guide, not just a site about HotCam.

The campaign will be kicked of with an email newsletter to HotCam’s existing and potential clients and will be rolled out across Twitter and Facebook, supported by some Google PPC advertising. Banner advertising will used as appropriate.

Some basic SEO will be done in an effort to get the site on page 1 of Google for terms like ‘tapeless workflows’ and ‘tapeless cameras.’

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