Website Editing

£250 per day

A useful, intuitive and engaging website can be the difference between success and failure for a publishing company or corporate business in the 21st century.

One of the ways to ensure the former is by employing an experienced website editor who can drive your site, create content for it and make sure that it is found by search engines.

Will Strauss has more than seven years experience of editing websites for both publishers and corporates and he can be employed on a one-off, temporary or regular basis to oversee your site. He can even be brought on board on a consultancy basis to give your site an overhaul or to provide your staff with training or insight into best practice.

His expert knowledge includes the following: uploading content, formatting copy, editing pages, driving content management systems, adding links, sourcing and manipulating images, creating and sending newsletters, spelling and fact checking, writing headlines, adding cross-heads, embedding video, RSS, SEO, traffic generation, Google analytics monitoring and reporting, linking with social media, designing graphics, buttons and buttons, libel law, SPAM and security considerations.

  • Work can be provided remotely from home or at an office location.
  • Corporate and magazine websites a speciaility.
  • Daily and weekly rates available
  • Experience of various CMS systems including WordPress, WebVision, Tridion & Drupal.
  • Working knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver and Go Live.
  • Hand coding and editing of HTML and CSS.
  • Mobile site editing experience
  • Strategy and consultation
  • Microsite building and design
  • WordPress site building and design and/or template customization
  • Responsive design
  • E-newsletter design
  • Mailchimp campaign management